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                 Behind TheVision 


Justinea Vidic

Founder | Principal Designer and Consultant 


Justinea Vidic brings innovation to create and maximize unique spaces. A native of Cleveland, Ohio and a graduate of Virginia Marti College of Art and Design and Case Western Reserve University - Women in Leadership, Justinea founded JV Designs in 2003. For twenty plus years her diverse experience with managing luxury brands and partnering with industry leading Fortune 500 companies, delivers with designing impactful merchandising, project management and consulting for her clients. Her exposure in the industry brings a fresh perspective to every project - big or small , as she provides her  personalized touch with  creative consulting. She demonstrates an exceptional grasp of the trends while incorporating a balanced blend of unique, yet classic designs that gives a competitive edge and has a keen eye to transform a house into a home of your dreams. She also managed all facets of the business, allowing her to fully understand the dynamic challenges that corporate and independent retailers face in today's evolving environment.  


Justinea's exceptional talent for design aesthetic has developed a winning formula for today's ever-changing retail markets. Recognized as the Best of 2018 Business Management Consultant of Cleveland, OH, she has the determination that aims for getting the job done and doing it right. Her diversified experiences guides clients with creative design, merchandising, marketing and styling direction with a vision every step of the way. 


  • Innovative 

  • Communicative

  • Organized

  • Dynamic 

  • Passionate 

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