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A merchandising, marketing and national account/project management professional who orchestrates high impact, innovative strategies that promotes brand presence, profitability and impressive performance.



  • Demonstrated an exceptional grasp of current trends while incorporating a balanced blend of distinctive of creative designs.

  • Recognized as a forward thinker who is highly accomplished in the execution of key organizational objectives.

  • Pioneered comprehensive management of a regional brand marketing,merchandising initiatives  and supervised various national special projects.

  • Elevated product footprint and brand exposure through insightful leadership.

  • Effectively generated brand awareness with concise communication, motivation and dynamic​ enthusiasm.




Owner | Merchandising | Creative Director  

JV Designs 

June 2003 - Present

  • Outstanding ability with providing innovative branding/merchandising consulting services that strives to elevate the retail experience and showcase products/brands.

  • Adapt presentation and format solutions for store design concepts composed of visual merchandising elements, designing and implementing window displays as well as transforming integrated store design and floor concepts.

  • Manage the store design/visual needs for renovations, relocations, new stores and remodel store floor plans.

  • Develop concepts for and manage outside vendors on development and execution of point of sale displays, props, mannequins, product fixtures and graphics.

  • Efficient in creatively refreshing store floor layouts, collections, window displays, branding and marketing campaigns.

  • Executed window display maintenance in accordance with seasonal campaigns, trends, and festivities while strategizing the display and branding of store promotions and events to drive sales.

  • Developed in store training tools to improve visual merchandising execution

  • Wide experience with client and talent styling, photo shoots and fashion show production.

  • Provided innovative merchandising direction for the Cleveland Cavaliers construction of the Team Shop floor plan design, window displays and merchandising collections.

  • Established visual merchandising standards and executed product presentations for Sigvaris top accounts in the Cleveland market.

  • Creatively partnered with Virginia Marti College of Fashion & Art to collaborate delivering presentations on merchandising workshops for fashion design and visual merchandising students.

2010 - present

2010 - present

Crocs, Inc. 

Central U.S. Regional Marketing | Merchandising 

April 2009 - July 2014 

  • Expert manager who strategically orchestrated the execution and logistics of key sales, brand marketing and merchandising campaigns for the Central US. Responsible for 15 states. Over 1,000 accounts. Territory/budget valued over $6M.

  • Developed a regional plan to effectively implement territory growth with merchandising and marketing initiatives while aligning accounts with elevated product seeding with a compelling brand story.

  • Conceptualized and executed seasonal conversions to present new campaigns in wholesale channels and independent accounts aligned with promotional calendar. Optimized sales 30% by building solid relationships with accounts by providing personalized consulting and programs to maximize product visibility that capitalized floor layouts.

  • Successfully managed the implementation of shop-in-shops that gained over 10,000 square feet in new real estate.  Drove organizational growth as well as increased brand identity.

  • Effectively forecasted graphics/in-store signage, product fixtures, window displays and custom elements for merchandising/marketing assets of the territory. 

  • Coordinated and established merchandising directives and implementation for the advanced planning of a 3rd party support team with in the Central U.S. region.

  • Partnered with the sales force and corporate team to provide an enhanced collaboration that identifies all marketing, branding, product launch, merchandising and sales needs for the business. Generated over $100K in sales in 2014 in additional to core responsibilities.

  • Increased brand exposure while managing in store/co-op branding partnerships, promotional activities, merchandising, in-store events and sponsorships.

  • Developed training seminars and executed a Brand Ambassador program for a national accounts. Achieved market leadership and identified opportunities to drive growth with consumer insights and build a united partnership with accounts.

  • Successfully acted as the point of contact during the Field Manager’s maternity leave for the US Field Marketing Team. Motivated/managed 12 co-workers. Trained and developed new talent.

  • Went above and beyond my job role by negotiating and securing over $300,000 in sponsorships, events and promotions to increase brand exposure on a national level.

  • Set the bar high by excelling in quantified metrics for illustrating out of the box projects which resulted in expanding merchandising/marketing and brand exposure in my region and nationally. 

Partner Owner | Director of Visual Merchandising | Marketing 

Spot Cleveland 

February 2007 - April 2009


  • Developed strategic client relationships that focused on providing services for promotional marketing/branding campaigns, special event coordination, visual merchandising, styling, design and production.

  • Management of on-site models, photography and styling support.

  • Executed on-site event planning for international music talent, VIP services, ticket sales, event merchandise inventory and promotions.

  • Produced and provided over sight the fashion show production, promotions, talent and styling for the

    Vice Fashion Show at Anatomy Nightclub with over 1,100 guests.

  • Successfully coordinated the fashion show design, supervised talent and promotions  for the EdHardy

    Fashion Show at Metropolis.

  • Contributed toward the production design, talent management and styling of the Lexus Style Show at

    Playhouse Square which consisted of a six figure budget with over 2,800 guests. 

 Manager | Training Store Manager - East


February 2007 - November 2007 

  • Managed daily retail operations of a high-volume over $3M, 15-employee women’s apparel store.

  • Executed corporate-driven initiatives and promotions while consistently achieving financial objectives, including sales goals and shrink reduction. Achieved top sales and store excellence in region.

  • Developed and trained talent  to management positions while remodeling and opening new locations through out the east coast. Earned a reputation as a skilled coach and mentor.

  • Demonstrated creative window displays, in-store layouts and floor moves that drive business as well as promotes new arrivals. 

  • Attracted new and continuing business by partnering with several community associations/charity foundations by hosting fashion shows, in-store events, styling and television segments to promote collections.

Director of Merchandise Coordination 

Kilgore Trout 

April 2003 - January 2007  

  • Managed and maintained consistency of purchase orders, tracked merchandise/custom orders and assist in monitoring inventory levels.

  • Assisted the buyers with apparel and accessory collection plans while forecasting trends, allocating merchandise, maintaining open to buy reports and replenishing inventory to assigned margin plans.

  • Effective liaison for correspondences with U.S. and International vendors regarding merchandise, which included merchandise status, shipping/order confirmations and sample requests.  

  • Responsible for receiving establishing pricing, tagging merchandise and efficiently processing into inventory data.  Implement pricing/ticketing changes as needed.

  • Processed damages, return to vendor and merchandise shipping requests.

  • Advised visual merchandising and floor plan design in order to maximize real estate by

  • Fashion coordinator and stylist of apparel collection photo shoots, trunk shows,  fashion shows and assist client styling.

  • Produced advertising/marketing concepts for promotional materials, mailers for trunk shows special events and Forum Magazine.  

Assistant Visual Merchandising Manager   

Tommy Hilfiger   

November 2002 - March 2003  

Title. Double click me.

Spot Cleveland 

Spot Cleveland 

  • Fashion visual merchandiser for the Cleveland/Akron, OH market wholesale accounts - Dillard’s and Kaufman’s. Resposnible for 16 stores. 

  • Effectively refreshed apparrel presentations and floor layout concepts accordingt to corporate directives.

  • Initiated seasonal merchandising revamps with window displays to attract new customers and promote collection campaigns. 

  • Provided trend and brand knowledge seminars as well as continuous training for accounts. 

  • Generated merchandising, trend analysis, marketing and sales reports for district and store evaluation meetings. 






Harvard Buiness School  

2013 - 2014  

 Management Certificate - Harvard Mentor Manage Program 

Virginia Marti College of Art and Design   

 Associates in Applied Business Degree in Fashion Merchandising and Design 

  2001 - 2003 

 Lakeland College  

 Bachelor's Program in Marketing | Business Management 

1999 - 2002 

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